Tuesday 15 March 2016

Testing on 6965

We are testing on 6965 (-ish) kHz in the next few evenings. This frequency seems to be clearer than 6985, which is often disturbed by various utility and ssb (presumably pirate) stations, especially at weekends. Reception reports are welcomed, as always. We will stay on this frequency if results are satisfactory (primarily in terms of interferences).

We also have a new transmitter, a 25 watt Commando with series modulator, based on Dave Martin's famous design. With this transmitter, we doubled our output power and the audio quality should be better, too. Although it might not be very noticeable at the receiving end due to the signal strength and conditions.

Also, thanks for the recent recption reports. I hope, I can reply to everyone until the end of this weekend.

Sunday 7 February 2016

Welcome to the New Blog

Welcome to our new blog. QBC International is the successor of Lightning Radio Shortwave. We returned to the airwaves in October, last year and I felt the need for some kind of website or blog to share basic information and news about the station. So here it is.

Also, thanks for the loads of reception reports. Sorry, I know, I'm behind with replies. But don't worry, I will reply to everyone as soon as possible.