QBC International currently broadcasts regularly on 6965 or 6985 kHz in the 43 meter band. The transmitter location is Tiszaalpár, Hungary. We are a low power station, our output varies between 10 and 25 watts. Due to our power limitations, our main reception area is expected to be Europe, but we welcome any feedback from all over the world.

If you don't own a shortwave receiver, you can hear our broadcast via various online receivers. For the best results, we recommend the following ones:

Comments,  reception reports or mentions in blogs or other publications are always welcome. If you send us a reception report, make sure you include the date, time, frequency, your location, and SINPO / SIO code. Audio clips are highly welcomed but not required.

Reports are currently only verified by e-mail, new series of e-QSL's are issued every month. Please note that verification can be slow at times, it can take up to a few weeks or even months. We QSL, but it takes some time.